Saturday, January 28, 2012

Walkergate update

Sorry that we've been on a bit of a hiatus here ... beginning of the semester, etc. People especially from out of state are asking about where things stand with the burgeoning corruption scandal surrounding Governor Scott Walker, now mostly known as Walkergate. Blue Cheddar is generally a good source for grassroots and progressive news from our state and they posted a nice overview earlier today, here. I have no idea what will ultimately come from the investigation, but it certainly seems to be going strong.

Quick update, Jan. 29:  Jason Stein from the MJS has this additional historical context.


Anonymous said...

maby walker will end with blago for his cellmate

Anonymous said...

Would you wish that on Blago?

Anonymous said...

Wait. Walker hired a deputy chief of staff who was that deep in the caucus scandals? And she did THIS? That's crazy.