Thursday, February 09, 2012

Update on Menominee Language Outrage

A commenter on my earlier post about the girl being punished for using Menominee language in school just told me about a petition you can sign here.  I just talked to the girl's grandmother, who told me that they still have not received the public apology they asked for.  I'm also going to contact the school and offer to come talk to them about the topic, if they would let me.  (So far they have refused to take the Menominees up on such offers; I just thought maybe they'd listen to an outsider.  Well, it's worth a try.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr. Verb!

I think this is so important, and the signatures jumped several thousand overnight!

I hope this overwhelming response will make the school seriously consider finally doing something to honor those who have so long been exploited and denied their culture.

susan v.

Mr. Verb said...

You're most welcome, but I believe our role was a very small one. I know that people put this issue on Facebook and that certainly brought a lot of attention. It's shameful that such things are happening in our society.

I have a simple suggestion for the school: They need to do what schools are supposed to do, namely EDUCATE people. In this case, it could be some talks by members of the community and by scholars on the history of Native languages and their suppression and now how hard people are working now for their revitalization.