Wednesday, July 18, 2012

0ld p30p1e & l33t

xkcd makes, as so often, a great point:

Yeah, a weird place for language use. Next time you hear somebody bitching about texting and leet speak ruining English, maybe they're a 17-year old libertarian?

But more seriously, Wonkette has a piece showing almost exactly what's in the comic. If you go here, you'll see that the speaker of the House in Michigan texted this:
“Can they get the paperwork to u and u get to me …"
And the speaker eventually got this response from a state representative (no, not a senator; that would be too perfect):
"All will then b perfect!”
Wow. (Click the link for politicians txting, stay for the stunning moral bankruptcy.)

PS: Given where a lot of Rs are at now, Paul is hardly a 'real choice'. If you want an alternative to Obama and Romney, that's probably more like Jill Stein.


Eugene said...

Texting is a somewhat cumbersome or very cumbersome way to use language, depending on the device you use. The expedients people resort to are far from elegant and haven't been systematically worked out. Odd things happen.
Given that people speak at something close to 200 words per minute and talk a great deal, while people text at about 20 words per minute and do it in short bursts, I don't think it will have much influence on the language. We all know it's silly.

I saw an i-Pad demonstration the other day in which the user spoke into the microphone and used Dragon to transcribe his speech. It was quick and fairly accurate. That's the wave of the future. The little oddities that arise from the use of voice to text might be more significant for the language as a system. Or maybe not.

Mr. Verb said...

I'm not sure I could actually write academic prose via Dragon!