Thursday, March 27, 2008

'to misspeak'

An alert reader has passed this article about what it means 'to misspeak'. Anonymous already pointed out on the last post that Clinton's "millions of words a day" statement included what Anon read as a tautology:
note the screaming tautology: If I misspoke it was a misstatement.
If 'to misspeak' has come to mean 'to lie' but 'misstatement' hasn't followed that change in meaning, I guess it's not a tautology. Yeah, right.

I'm pretty sick of this whole controversy, like everybody I've talked to. The Bosnian tall tale barely looks relevant to Clinton's big claims about having real executive experience: Being in a plane making a corkscrew landing under sniper fire wouldn't in and of itself make you qualified for much. I imagine she misremembered and exaggerated, which is pretty dumb. But I'm more worried about McCain's repeated 'misstatements' about Iran. Those are directly relevant to his understanding of the biggest foreign policy issue of the decade.

Can we move on now?


The Ridger, FCD said...

Yes, amen. McCain hasn't been right yet, but Hilary tells a war story and is lambasted.

Mr. Verb said...

Yup. And that'll continue.

Monica said...

I too am sick of the story. As Mr. V says, it's only barely relevant to whether she has the experience to be Prez. We all know that stories evolve in our minds, with all sorts of embellishments that we come to think are true. It may be that she actually remembered it that way. Anyway, amen Mr. Verb, let's talk about more important things.

Mr. Verb said...

Yup. Let's talk about more important stuff, like the Onion playing with monger. Seriously, with the current stakes for this country, if we can't pull ourselves above this wretched level, we're goners, collectively speaking.