Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Vast, Waddling Hordes

Reporting on the American elections here in the UK is shockingly not as respectful as one might hope. To wit:
Barack Obama needs some fat friends fast. US pundits claim that he is "too thin to win", and is alienating the vast, waddling hordes of Americans nurtured on mega Macs and super Subs.
Silly Brits, don't know that they're called 'Big Macs'...

The article goes on in this vein and then concludes:
But if Obama fails to make the White House, it will have less to do with his physique than with his colour. That's what the racist underbelly of America, yet to emerge in all its ugliness, simply can't stomach.



lynneguist said...

...which is why I love the UK news! The newspapers don't pretend that they're unbiased--versus American news sources, which claim no bias, but definitely display lots, and don't report much news either.

I'm in the US now, and since moving away from the US in 1993, I always feel news-starved while back in my homeland. While CNN is doing long pieces on Madeleine McCann, an English child who went missing a year ago, I haven't heard anything about politics in other countries...until a war broke out in South Ossetia.

The Ridger, FCD said...

And for Americans, that war was sudden, shocking, and unexpected...