Friday, March 06, 2009

National Grammar Day: Not so bad after all!

Well, leave it to Jan Freeman to show that everything works out OK in the end, even with National Grammar Day. I confess that I didn't know who John McIntyre was, or about his blog, You Don't Say. His short mystery about NGD is must-read.


John said...

Thank you for the kind words. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the serial.

Anonymous said...

I know about John McIntyre's blog for the same reason I know about yours - because they're both on Language Log's blogroll!

Out of the 45 linguistics blogs I read regularly (assuming I counted correctly) one of them is Language Log, thirty-seven of them can be found on Language Log's blogroll, and the remaining seven can be found on the blogrolls of blogs on Language Log's blogroll.

Mr. Verb said...

This looks like a blog I need to read. Outerhoard, I suspect that one or two degrees of separation from the Log covers most of the language blogs, right? Just wondering about the limits of this universe.