Friday, October 09, 2009

Verner's Law, the movie

Check this* out:

It was done by Ari Hoptman and filmed at the University of Minnesota. Hoptman is clearly a genius of grand proportions. (He also shares a favorite Old High German word with a couple folks around here, sunufatarungo.)

*One of our contributors got this from a student — now there's somebody with a future in this business.

Tip of the 19th c. Danish hat (whatever the heck they wore) to KMC (whoever the heck that may be).

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Rosina Lippi Green said...

I don't have a favorite OHG word, but I've got a sentence. It's from that nifty foreign language phrase book which is by far the most interesting thing to show up on an OHG syllabus. Here it is:

Ischt das din wip?

Modern day Swiss German:

Isch das din wib?

OHG was a snap.