Sunday, July 08, 2007

You're it!

OK, many it's some kind of bizarre peer pressure in the anonymity of the web or who knows what, but I'm actually playing blog tag. Some folks I would have tagged have already been tagged and other blogs are so focused that the bloggers surely wouldn't play the game, and so on. But here's a group of bloggers who might play and who would surely give interesting answers, in alphabetical order:
Just for the record, to quote the Ridger, "Certainly you don't have to participate! I threaten no supernatural reprisals; this isn't a chain letter."


Wishydig said...

I'm happy to do it. Prompts like this help immensely when I'm struggling for a post topic.

Janelle Renee said...

Thank you for tagging me! I know this sounds absolutely pathetic (considering I'm in the world's most beautiful city), but I've been feeling somewhat uninspired to post lately. This is exactly what I needed.

Mr. Verb said...

Two takers ... more than I actually expected. Thanks to both ofyou.

Oscar Madison said...

Sorry, Herr Verbe. I don't do memes anymore. Partly because I don't think these things really are "memes." "Blog tag" is a much better name. And partly because I think that what "meme" should really refer to is the spread of a new word or language usage or thing like "word verifictionary." My failed attempts to achieve that type of meme have left me depressed and bitter.

Mr. Verb said...

No problem of course. I actually didn't expect ANY participation. Two (really good) responses out of give exceeds expectations -- imagine scoring on 40% of shots in hockey. Even The Great One couldn't do that.

I may post on 'meme' -- the use in that post from a quote from the earlier post and that usage still sound very odd to me, even though I've seen it a lot by now.

Have a fine pastry and a coffee and the bitterness will pass, I hope.