Monday, October 20, 2008

Longwindedness and the presidential campaign

Reliable and revered reader t.p. calls my attention to this piece in the Economist. Now, I was wondering why they didn't include Clinton – I mean, you've got longwinded in the headline!

I wasn't actually sure there was a post in here until I checked out the comments. I don't mean the fact that they haven't culled the vast amount of blog spam, but this comment:
Now macroeconomics has an ugly step sister - macro political science. Until now I was convinced a good argument was not so much about the length of a sentence but the order of words in it.
That's just cool. First, linguists aren't getting blame/credit for this piece of trivia about language, but the colleagues over in PoliSci. Second, I finally know the secret to a good argument: word order.

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