Tuesday, November 04, 2008


From Politico.com, maybe another word form from this election season that I haven't noted:
OBAMAPOCALYPSE. Obama is more or less finished if he loses Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida — with the stat wizards at FiveThirtyEight.com giving him only a 9.76 percent chance of victory if he loses the battleground trifecta.
Don't fret, now: That chunk of material comes in a long list of 'things to watch for' tonight.

Even here at my undisclosed location in Verbville, voting was a little slow — ca. 20 min. waits, but people in good cheer, with lots of new voters signing up. Somebody's already stuck a "I voted for change" sticker on the front door.

Note: I will not be on any TV shows tonight talking about the election and Team Verb has no plans to liveblog anything tonight, though we will be keeping an eye out for language-related angles.


Joe said...

Just saw what you do when your campaign has buckets of money left at the end of the race: You pay a pilot to fly over the UW-Madison campus with a huge banner saying "Vote Obama today!"

Anonymous said...

That's nothing. I just saw truly bizarre: a student wearing a McCain sticker. She looked forlorn.