Sunday, June 01, 2008

Theory Wars: Phonology

The opacity posts haven't apparently completely killed readership on this blog (yet?), to my amazement, but that business is winding down. Eric B. has posted his wrap-up at Phonoloblog, a snappily titled "Hold your theory still so I can stomp on it, OK?" If PhonoGore is your thing, you'll want to tix for that show. I'd advise wearing Doc Martens or maybe Larry Mahans.

Several people have indicated (by email, in person and even on the web) that they found the discussion useful or interesting, and a couple said specifically that they've been bothered by the lack of such exchanges in the field, so that it's a welcome engagement across a theoretical divide. I'm not sure about any of that right now. If such debates are to take place here in the future, I'm going to lay down some groundrules and organize things. But I hope that doesn't come up for a while.

By the way, I'm not sure of Cassady Rasmussen's identity either, but I've assumed that this Cassady is a she, with some reason.

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